Blower for Inflatable Tube Man

$299.99 $250.00

Air Tube Dancer Blower

  • 19” durable square base that supports this unit from the bottom
  • Power cord is approximately 12ft
  • 2 speeds with an estimated RPM of 3150 on low and 3400 on high
  • Grill covers top of this air blower
  • works with 18” inflatable tube man who have a velcro attachment
  • 1 Horsepower motor
  • 2 different speed options
  • Color:  black
  • This air blower unit is NOT intended for use in rain.  Keep away from water or loose debris.

Air Blower Dimensions (rounded units): 21.5” long, 19” wide, 20” tall, weight: 36 lbs Electrical:  115 volt, 60 hertz Safety warning: Always use a GFCI protected receptacle and use extreme caution when using any electrical appliance near wet or damp areas do not submerge or use in standing water.



Blower for Inflatable Tube Man

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