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Brand recognition is important for growing and maintaining a business. If consumers don’t recognize your company and the services you provide, you may be in over your head. When you go shopping your choices are often based on brand recognize, even it costs a little more. Scholastic surveys reveal over half of consumers would prefer to buy products from a familiar brand instead.

So, consider asking yourself a couple of questions:

Do you offer free branded items to consumers at events or during sells? How about mailing current customers items, just to say: “Thank you! We value your service” ? Lastly, when where and how often do you present your brand to people (Not just social media or tv)? This brings awareness to your brand every time they use your merchandise. If you elect to do this make sure your products makes sense with your business and is targeted for that particular customer. College kids are not really looking for ice cream scoops, nor are the elderly anticipating skimpy clothing.

There are a bunch of reasonable options. Consider consulting with a promotional advisor who will give you ideas for your anticipated program, business, or event. This saves you cost on experimenting with what will or will not work. A promotional advisor helps drive great results for your brand recognition and reputation. You don’t want to give cheap items that will break either because yeah they will think your brand is cheap.

We should also consider re-evaluating what most people know about branding. What does our logo say about us, and does it match our mission vision and goals? If your answer is yes you are well on your way. If it doesn’t it’s okay. We see many of company’s who have rebranded after decades of existence.

Rebranding gives people a new awareness about what your doing and helps people know that you care about the consumer. If this blog post has helped you at all. We are glad we could help.  Consider subscribing to this blog for up to date post. Need further assistance today? Contact one of our promotional advisors by email admin@carawaypromos.com

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